Lazar Angelov

I had a pleasure to meet Lazar Angelov in London.

Lazar is a true legend in bodybuilding and a Bulgarian sensation. He is a real motivation for thousands of people who seek to transform their bodies. Not many people know but he actually played professional basketball for 10 years. Long story short - he’s an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

These are some of the best selection we had.

Angelika at the Hill Garden and Pergola

Please meet a cozy winter photo shoot of my beautiful angel at one of the hidden delights of Hampstead Heath. A Georgian arbour and terrace in the Hill Garden gives an expansive views across Hampstead Heath.

In 1904, Lord Leverhulme purchased The Hill, a substantial house facing North End Way. He subsequently acquired adjoining land, and had the opportunity to create the Pergola, a magnificent Edwardian extravagance which would be the setting for garden parties and summer evening strolls and be a striking addition to the garden of The Hill.

Construction began in 1905. The final completion, involving a further extension of the Pergola, complete with a Summer Pavilion and another viewing terrace overlooking the Heath, were completed by 1925, shortly before Lord Leverhulme died.

You can now do a math and figure out how old this structure is.

What a lovely hidden gem with it's romantic pathways overhung with graceful foliage!