Lazar Angelov

I had a pleasure to meet Lazar Angelov in London.

Lazar is a true legend in bodybuilding and a Bulgarian sensation. He is a real motivation for thousands of people who seek to transform their bodies. Not many people know but he actually played professional basketball for 10 years. Long story short - he’s an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

These are some of the best selection we had.

Jonathan x Rita

This beautiful couple from Hong-Kong had a lovely time around magical London.

The city is especially and exceptionally charming at this time of year. A view to the London Eye across river from Victoria Embankment is just breathtaking. Jonathan & Rita is one of my absolute favorites as we spent the afternoon walking around London going to places such as Trafalgar Square, Potters Fileds Park.

I love photographs with movement in them, so the shots taken walking from one location to the next always end up being my favorite.